Ukraine President criticizes PM Modi's Russia trip

Ukraine President criticizes PM Modi's Russia trip

Ukraine President expresses deep disappointment over PM Modi's Russia visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent visit to Moscow has sparked controversy amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, where his interactions with Russian President Vladimir Putin have drawn sharp criticism from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Controversial embrace and diplomatic discourse

During his two-day trip, PM Modi navigated a diplomatic tightrope, aiming to maintain India's historical ties with Russia while also seeking closer relations with Western nations amid the Ukraine crisis. His meeting with President Putin included moments captured widely on social media, such as the two leaders sharing tea and a hug at Mr. Putin's residence.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy expressed strong disapproval of these images, condemning PM Modi's embrace of President Putin as a "huge disappointment" and a setback to global peace efforts. This criticism underscored the sensitivity of diplomatic engagements during times of international conflict.

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India's stance on Ukraine conflict

PM Modi's visit marked his first trip to Russia since the onset of the Ukraine war and since being re-elected. Sources report that he reiterated India's stance on the conflict, emphasizing the need for dialogue and diplomacy over military solutions. India has consistently advocated for upholding the United Nations Charter and respecting territorial integrity and sovereignty.

In addition to his meetings with President Putin, PM Modi has maintained communication with President Zelenskyy, demonstrating India's commitment to supporting peace efforts. Their recent encounters, including a meeting in Italy and discussions at international summits, reflect India's proactive stance on promoting dialogue as the path to resolution.

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PM Modi's visit to Russia amidst the Ukraine conflict highlights India's complex diplomatic strategy, balancing traditional alliances with efforts to align with global consensus on peace and stability. The images of camaraderie between PM Modi and President Putin have sparked debate and criticism, particularly from Ukraine. India's emphasis on dialogue and diplomatic solutions underscores its commitment to contributing positively to international peace efforts.

In summary, PM Modi's diplomatic engagements in Moscow underscore the challenges and opportunities of India's foreign policy amid global geopolitical tensions.

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